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Iced Milks

Iced milks are the iced version of a mocha or latte but without the coffee. Like all of our drinks customers can choose whatever milk option they would like, coconut, almond, breve…

It’s as easy as adding 3/4 cup of ice, milk to the black line, flavor and whip cream.

From banana and strawberry milk to more complex flavor combinations like our white chocolate carmellow there isn’t a flavor that these drinks can’t have.



You can think of a steamer as a hot Latte or Mocha without the shot of espresso. I would say to think of it as a hot chocolate, but not all of our favorites will contain chocolate. Plus when we think of hot chocolate, we think of the boring microwave milk version of a hot chocolate that we have all tried before. A steamer is our steamed, texturized, latte quality milk then we add our flavors. Our flavor combinations and milk texture take this drink way beyond a traditional hot chocolate and will be an option your customers will LOVE!

One great thing about steamers is that our customer can order these drinks with any milk base. Let them know they can do a skinny, breve, almond, soy, coconut, etc. steamer. We will prepare these similar to our latte or Mocha favorites using Chocolate sauce or powder when the favorite calls for it.





A hottie is very similar to a steamer the only difference is we use our rich creamy chocolate milk as the base for the drink. That is why a good way to think about this is is if it were a satin mousse without the shot of espresso. If a customer does come in and order a “hot chocolate” we will make them our hottie. Our perfectly steamed and textured chocolate milk base will make the best chocolate milk your customer has ever had. Because the hottie is a chocolate milk base, the hottie tends to pair better with the “Sweet and Nutty” Favorite flavors or any of our favorites on the coffee menu.

Now let’s look at the steps to make a steamer or hottie.

  1. Pour the appropriate amount of your milk base into your steaming pitcher and start steaming your milk.
  2. While your milk is steaming, add your flavors into the cup.
  3. Pour the steamed milk base into the cup with the flavors and mix it in with the bars spoon.
  4. Top with whipped cream if requested and the drink is ready to serve.





Next, we will talk about the Creamie. The creamie is a blended non coffee version of a latte or mocha. This drink is made with ice, any milk base, Javaccino powder, and flavor. Use the following steps to prepare a creamie:

  1. Use the selected size iced cup as a measuring device for the ice. Pour a full cup of ice into your blender pitcher.
  2. Pour your milk base over the ice so that it is just below the top of the ice.
  3. Add the appropriate amount of Javaccino powder into the pitcher.
  4. Add the appropriate amount of flavors into the pitcher.
  5. Place the pitcher on the blender and blend on level 3.
  6. If the drink contains Chocolate or Carmel sauce in the base flavor, “Sauce” the cold cup while the creamie blends.
  7. Pour the creamie into your cold cup and top with whipped cream and chocolate or caramel drizzle if applicable.