Topic Progress:


  1. Begin by checking your recipe on the kitchen monitor for the Smoothie that has been ordered.
  2. Place a pitcher under the spout on the juice machine and dispense the proper amount of juice (16 oz drink = 9 oz juice. 24 oz drink = 11 oz of juice).
  3. Using the appropriate size ice cream scoop, scoop yogurt or sherbet into pitcher. Dip scooper into dipping well after each scoop to prevent product from sticking to scooper.
  4. Using the fruit scooper, scoop the appropriate amount of fruit into the pitcher. A scoop of fruit should be full and level, which amounts to around 2 ounces.
  5. Add any extras required
    • Malted Milk Powder
    • Coconut Lopez
    • Additional Syrup Flavors
    • Honey
    • Pineapple Chunks
  6. Add any requested boosters into the pitcher.
  7. Add the required amount of ice (1/3 of a scoop) into the pitcher.
  8. Secure a lid onto the pitcher and place the pitcher on a blender base.
  9. Close the blender housing and press the appropriate blend cycle button.
    • Smoothies –  button 5
  10. Pour the finished product into a smoothie cup, top with the appropriate clear flat lid, and always use a thick neon straw to finish the product.


  1. Always follow the recipe on the Kitchen Monitor.
  2. Blend only one smoothie in a pitcher at a time. Even if two 16 oz sizes of the same smoothie are ordered, prepare each smoothie in a separate pitcher. This will create more consistency between the drinks.
  3. When preparing multiple smoothies, use the rack on the deep freezer to line up and assemble drinks. You will be fastest when you prepare all drinks at the same time rather than assembling them one at a time. Ex. Fill two pitchers with juice and place them on the rack. Put the appropriate yogurt or sherbet into each pitcher, then put the appropriate fruit into each pitcher. Follow the proper steps for both drinks at the same time.
  4. Always be sure the blade has stopped spinning before pulling a pitcher off the blender base.
  5. Never shake the blender housing while the smoothie is blending. Add juice or use the pulse “P” button if additional blending is needed.
  6. Never soak pitchers in water. Rinse them, dip in bleach and allow to dry.

Upsell Suggestions:

  1. Offer a booster in every Smoothie. Recommend a specific booster for best results. Ex. Would you like to add a multi-vitamin booster to your smoothie?
    • Fat Shredder – Stimulates metabolism
    • Fiber Pack – Fiber to promote healthy digestion
    • Vita Charger – Multi-Vitamin, All the essential vitamins in one scoop!
    • Iron Whey – 34 grams of protein in one scoop!
    • Buzz Shot – A concentrated, flavorless energy shot (same potency as an 8.4 oz Redbull)