Our loyalty program works like this:

points = dollars

For every $1 spent a customer earns 5 points or 5% back of that dollar.

Example: $1 = 0.05


The first step is downloading the app.

Customers need to download the Java Espress Beverage Company App and create an account.

From here customers have 2 ways to earn points.

1. They can load $40 dollars or more to a Java Card (a digital or plastic gift card) and earn 10% back in points ($) instantly. ($40 = 400 points = $4 dollars) When the customer continues to use this card for purchases, they will continue to earn that 5% back off each $1 spent. Totaling to 15% back.  BEST DEAL





2. A customer can have the QR code scanned from the app for each purchase they make and earn 5% back with no commitment or upfront cost to them.




See link below for further detail


Java Loyalty Overview