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Infused Drinks & Milks are any selection of our drink bases infused with flavor

Milk Based Drinks

  • Hottie – Steamed chocolate milk
  • Iced Milks – Cold milk over ice
  • Steamer – Steamed milk and flavored syrup
  • Creamie – A Javaccino without the espresso. It is milk, ice, flavored syrup and Javaccino powder

Infused Iced Drinks

  • Soda Pop – Pepsi and Coke products
  • Italian Soda – Carbonated water, ice, flavored syrup, cream, and whipped cream
  • Rush Energy –  There are 2 kinds. Red – Red bull flavor profile and Blue – fruity flavor profile.
  • Redbull – Redbull energy drink
  • Iced Tea – Black tea brewed in hot water then mixed with cold water and poured over ice. (we offer Green or Black)
  • Arnold Palmer – Half iced tea and half lemonade
  • Soda Favorites – Flavor combinations with specific sodas