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Our infused teas are prepared using a premix of water and our infused iced tea concentrate. Once the premix is made, the serving process is simple. Just fill your cup 3/4 full of Ice and the fill with the iced tea premix. You can add sweetener if requested. The preparation process is simple but we do need to look at the details on how to prepare the premix.

Making a Batch of Infused Tea

  1. Fill the boiling pitcher with water and place on the stand to start heating your water. We will fill the pitcher with 32 oz of water or to brim of container.
  2. Place your steeping container onto your barista scale and reset the scale to zero by pressing the on/off button. Then we will fill the steeping container with 50 grams of our infused tea leaves.
  3. Pour the hot water from the boiling pitcher over top of your tea.
  4. Mix the tea into the water using a bar spoon and set a timer for 4.5 minutes and stir when timer goes off Set a timer for 4.5 more minutes. Total steeping time 9 minutes.
  5. After 9 Minutes, Drain the tea concentrate from the steeping container ensuring the tea leaves are filtered out of the concentrate. You may then place the concentrate into the fridge to be stored for up to 3 weeks.

Once we have made the tea concentrate, we still need to dilute it with water to achieve our ready to serve pre mix. The ratio of water to tea concentrate is 6 oz of concentrate to 32 oz of water. To make Infused Teas by the drink use this ratio


Infused Tea By The Drink

12oz – fill cup 3/4 way with ice – 2 oz concentrate – 1 pump of liquid sugar – the rest water
16oz – fill cup 3/4 way with ice – 3 oz concentrate – 1 1/2 pumps of liquid sugar  – the rest water
20/24oz – fill cup 3/4 way with ice – 4 oz concentrate – 2 pumps of liquid sugar – the rest water
32oz – fill cup 3/4 way with ice – 6 oz concentrate – 3 pumps of liquid sugar – the rest water