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So now let’s learn the steps that we will take for preparing all of these amazing drinks.
  1. Fill your cold cup 3/4 of the way full of ice. This will be to the top ring on your cold cup.
  2. Fill your cold cup with your drink base. The drink base could be any of our sodas, red bull, rush, lemonade, or soda water for Italian soda.
  3. Add the appropriate amount of syrup into the cup (remember Italian sodas will use a deferent amount of syrup than all the other drink bases).
  4. Add cream if requested by the customer. Cream is standard on an Italian soda.
  5. Add whipped cream if requested by the customer. Whipped cream is standard on an Italian Soda.


And that’s it! These drinks are fast, simple and easy to prepare. All of the drinks will be prepared using the same steps. The only drink that does have a slight variation is the Italian soda. The Italian soda uses a soda water base which is unflavored and unsweetened. Because of this the Italian soda will require more syrup than the other soda drinks. You will want to memorize the flavor counts for the Italian sodas. Italian sodas are also the only drinks that come standard with cream and whipped cream. All other sodas will add those upon request.