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  1. Weigh out 3.0 ounces of whole beans for each pot of coffee
  2. Place beans in the top of the grinder and set grind to “drip” setting.
  3. Grind the beans into a plastic cup and then clean out the grinder chute.
  4. Place the ground coffee into a filter which is then placed inside the brew basket.
  5. Position the brew basket in the slot on the brewer and place the empty coffee pot directly underneath the basket.
  6. Each pot should brew for 4 to 5 minutes.  
  7. Rinse the brew baskets after each pot is brewed.

Inventory Tracking

  1. All pots of coffee that are brewed need to be rang in to the cash register.
  2. Under the drip coffee menu group, click on the pot of coffee group size, then select the pot of coffee specialty, then select the type of coffee you are brewing.
  3. If you are brewing multiple blends at one time, you can put each blend on the same ticket by reselecting pot of coffee and adding another type of blend.
  4. Once all blends that you are brewing have been selected, complete the ticket. There will be no charge to complete the ticket.
  5. When the receipt prints, put the receipt with other daily sales and discount receipts.


  1. Check the daily rotation sheet to see which regular and flavored coffee to brew each day.
  2. Always use the beans from the pre filled 12 oz retail bags first. Then refill the retail bag with fresh coffee beans to ensure beans are rotated.
  3. When pulling out the coffees for the next day, be sure to fold the zip seals over on the bags and tape them.

Drink Preparation

  1. Check monitor for cup size and any added ingredients.
  2. Fill correct size cup with drip coffee from the airpot.
  3. Add cream, sugar, or other ingredients as requested.
  4. Place a lid and a sleeve on every drip coffee.


  1. Drip coffee blends can be resold as ground or whole beans.
  2. All retail sales of coffee beans will be in a 12 oz bag.
  3. Retail coffee bags should be pre-filled with 12 oz of whole been coffee.
  4. Grind the coffee if the customer requests and fill the bag with the ground coffee.