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 Be the Best Version of You


Our #1  goal is to help people find their best self . By embracing our 4 values we become a team and start on that path.


1. Make People Smile

In life we have to create opportunity and  make the small moments count. Striving to make a positive difference in another’s life is our mission.


2. Build Friendships

We are given an amazing gift to encounter and communicate with people that will shape our lives indefinitely. At Java, building those friendships by getting to know people personally is what helps our company and  individuals to continue to grow!


3. Be the Experience

Life is full of ups and downs, bumps in the road, and events that can derail a persons world. Something that may seem so small to us, may be major to another. We have small windows of time to be a voice of reason, a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on. Be the experience to your customers, co-workers, and family and become the experience that can save a life and inspire a generation!



Life is fast, stressful and if we blink to long it just may pass us by. Enjoy life, family, and friends and take the time to reflect on each and every moment! Make a difference in peoples’ lives by smiling and striving for happiness. Our customers come to us to have an escape from their daily routine, it is our duty to create the best experience for them by having fun, and allowing the best version of ourselves to shine through!