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The espresso grinder needs to be cleaned every day after the store closes.


To clean the espresso grinder:


  1. Slide the hopper chute arm (Figure 1) to the closed position. This will stop any more beans from falling into the grinder.
  2. Use a portafilter to press the dosing switch (Figure 2) and grind the remaining beans that are in the grinder. You may need to do this a few times until all of the beans have been emptied through the grinder.
  3. With the hopper shoot arm closed, remove the hopper from the grinder by pulling it straight up from the grinder.
  4. Place a zip lock bag around the hopper chute and move the chute arm to the open position to empty the beans into the bag.
  5. With the hopper empty, clean the hopper using hot water and a clean towel. Do not use soap or any chemicals to clean.
  6. Clean the top of the grinder below where the hopper sits (Figure 3) with a bar brush or damp towel.
  7. Clean the Burr housing (Figure 4) with a bar brush (Beans can harden around the edge of the burr housing. You may need to use a plastic knife to scrap hard beans off the edges of the burr housing).
  8. Remove the base plate (Figure 5) and clean with bar brush or damp towel.
  9. Clean the sides and back of the grinder.
  • Move the grinder and wipe the counter under the grinder.
  • Place the hopper back onto the grinder and move the chute arm back to the closed position.
  • Place your sealed bag of espresso beans in the hopper for the next day.



Figure 1                      Figure 2                     Figure 3                      Figure 4                       Figure 5