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Interior Cleaning and Sanitizing Ice Makers

Clean and sanitize the ice machine every 6 months for efficient operation. If ice machine requires more frequent cleaning and sanitizing, consult a qualified service company to test the water quality.

The ice machine must be taken apart for cleaning and sanitizing. ONLY USE APPROVED MANITOWOC CLEANERS AND SANITIZERS.

Steps for Cleaning and Sanitizing

1. Turn machine off and wait till ice melts off evaporator
2. Remove all ice from bin
3. Start cleaning cycle by pressing clean button. Water will flow through the water dump valve and down the drain. Wait until the water trough refills, then add the proper amount of ice machine clean to water trough.

Machine type:
UF0140 – 2 OZ
UF0190, UF0240,UF0310 – 5 OUNCES

4. Wait for cycle (22 min) and remove parts for cleaning
5. Mix a solution of cleaner and warm water and use part of cleaner to clean all components. Soak 5 minutes and scrub with a soft bristle brush or rag
6. While components soak use half of cleaner solution to clean food zone surfaces of machine and bin. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
7. Mix solution of sanitizer and warm water and repeat step 5-6.
8. Apply food grade lubricant to 0- rings and replace all removed components.
9. Press clean button. Water will flow through the water dump valve and down the drain. Wait until water trough refills and then add proper amount of ice sanitizer to water trough.
10.Wait until sanitizer cycle is complete (22 minutes)

Cleaning Condenser

1. Clean condenser at least every 6 months
2. Shine flashlight through condenser to check for dirt between the fins.
3. Blow compressed air from the inside out. (opposite direction of airflow)
4. If first still remains, call a service agent to clean the condenser.

Refer to owners manual for more detailed information

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