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An americano is an espresso based drink made with espresso and water. It can be hot or iced. Flavors, creams and sugars can be added.


Making an Americano


  1. Start by pulling your espresso shot.
  2. While your shot is pulling, fill the cup with hot water from the espresso machine. If making an iced americano, fill your cup all the way with ice and hot water 3/4 the way.
  3. Add any requested sweeteners or flavors to the cup. If making an iced americano, any powdered sweetness should be added into the demitasse with the espresso shot.
  4. Pour your espresso shot into the cup and mix with bar spoon. If iced, top with ice.
  5. Place Java Jacket onto the the cup if making the hot version of the drink. This will be a very hot drink!