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Cleaning Soda Machine and Bar Guns


Soda Machine (daily)

  1. Remove drip tray
  2. Remove any ice in bin
  3. Remove Ice bin cover, and backing behind soda dispensers.
  4. Make a chlorine based solution like KAY-5 and rinse bin cover and backing.
  5. Remove soda dispensers and soak 5- 10 minutes in solution.
  6. Take dedicated brush and clean underneath dispensing valves.
  7. Wipe down entire soda machine with chlorine based sanitizing solution, including inside of ice bin, soda levers etc.
  8. Rinse everything with water and let dry. Replace all removed pieces


Bar Guns (daily)

  1. Remove dispenser and soak in chlorine based solution for 10 minutes
  2. Wipe down gun, sheathing (metal outside tube) with chlorine based solution.
  3. Use dedicated brush to clean underneath dispensing valve.
  4. Wipe down and rinse with water


Connectors (weekly)