Every drink at java that is flavored with syrup Is made the exact same with the exception of the Italian Soda. Italian sodas have different syrup amounts.


Syrup Amounts for all drinks except Italian sodas

These amounts never change regardless of the drink.

Italian Soda Amounts




Mocha Amounts

At Java Espress, anything with sauce or white chocolate powder in it is considered a “mocha.” So mocha amounts are as follows:

Flavored Mochas are Mochas with flavored syrup. The amount of the sauce or powder gets halved when flavored syrup is added.



16 oz mocha:
3 pumps of chocolate would go into the cup

16 oz vanilla mocha:
1.5 pumps of chocolate & 4 pumps of vanilla

16oz snickers: (  a flavor combination with 2 flavors)
1.5 pumps of chocolate
2 pumps caramel
2 pumps of hazelnut

16oz Peach Frenzy Red Bull (a flavor combinations with 4 flavors)
1 pump peach
1 pump pineapple
1 pump mango
1 pump strawberry