In this section, we will learn how to prepare our infused cold drinks. This will include our infused sodas, Italian sodas, lemonade, Rush Energy, and Redbull. All of these drinks will be prepared using the same steps. It is important to remember that any of these drinks can be made with any of our favorite flavor combinations. However, some of our favorite flavor combinations may taste better in a particular drink base. That is why we separate our favorite flavor combinations into the “Sweet and Nutty” category and the “Fruity and Citrus” categories.

Dark sodas such as Coke, Root Beer, and Doctor Pepper tend to pair better with our Sweet and Nutty Flavor combos. Lighter citrus sodas such as 7Up, Mountain Dew, Lemonade, Redbull and Rush tend to go better with the Fruity or Citrus flavor combos. Customers can still mix and match as much as they would like (For example a Bob Marley Coke is delicious), but it is your responsibility to ensure the customer knows which flavors tend to taste better in each drink base. We don’t want a customer ordering a sweet anarchy lemonade and thinking we made them a disgusting drink!

It is also important to note that our sodas will always be made with flavored syrup. We will never use sauce or powder in a soda. Let’s take the Heavenly as an example. If we were to prepare a Heavenly as an espresso based drink or Creamie, We would use White Chocolate powder, Amaretto and Tiramisu syrup. When we prepare a Heavenly as in infused soda drink, we would use White Chocolate syrup, Amaretto syrup, and Tiramisu syrup.

Now let’s learn the steps in preparing these drinks.