In this section we will learn hot to make our Creamies, Steamers, Iced Milks and Hotties. These are all of our non coffee versions of our Latte or Mocha, Javaccino, and Satin Mousse. These drinks provide our customers with the same level of customization and sophistication they love with our espresso based drinks, just without the shot of espresso!

Any of our favorite flavor combinations can be added to these drinks. Because there is no espresso shot in these drinks, Both the “Sweet and Nutty” favorites and the “Fruity and Citrus” favorites taste great in these drinks. You can also add any of the favorites from our coffee board into these drinks.

Someone who loves our sodas and smoothies may also love to warm up with a white chocolate carmellow steamer on a cold day. Or the kids may love a coconut craze creamie when their parents stop by for a coffee. The options are endless and we can really customize these amazing drinks for our customers who may not want espresso.